This was my first “float” experience. Really it was my first experience of anything that would be considered newage and I was pretty nervous heading into it; however the friendly staff and calming atmosphere put me at ease and when I had officially began all of that nervous energy ebbed from my body and was replaced with a overwhelming calm. I felt as though I was embraced in a sixty minute hug where nothing out side of that moment mattered and I was left alone with myself. Perhaps for the first time in my life I was able to shed the uncomfortable weighty skin of my ego and simply exist.

After I was done brought out from my experience I was able to hold on to some of that feeling I achieved and left the facility much better then when I had arrived. I am a simple dude who this kind of thing doesn’t generally impress but, I was and will be going back.

Just my two cents.

Jason H’s review of Modern Gravity