I did my first sensory deprivation float session. No noise, no light, no stimulus whatsoever. (And no claustrophobia for those concerned.) Just you, your body and your mind. I mean, do we ever listen to what our bodies are telling us anymore? Do we give our mental and emotional selves time to process stresses, challenges or even contemplate choices without disruption and distraction? In one float, I left feeling reset, less achy and a greater overall sense of self. I can only imagine the benefits of continued sessions where I relearn to just BE with MYSELF. It had an overall relaxing atmosphere and you are met by staff whose sole intention is to help you feel better and have a beneficial experience. Conversation is rich, especially post float, and welcome because the owners WANT to hear of your unique experience. I’ll be returning as often as I can and I implore you to try it at least once! Thanks again @syncfloat!

Amy S, Sync Float on Facebook