If you look at my phones “notes” you can find a never ending to do list for that week. The stress of my daily life can at times be too much to handle. My body is always tensed up and I’m always in go mode. At Float Station, I am able to leave all of that stress at the door. Floating allows me to escape the chaos of my day and really relax. Its the deepest relaxation I have ever felt. My muscles loosen up, my mind feels at ease. I come out feeling refreshed and like I can conquer that to do list. I always sleep really well after floating and wake up feeling great! If you haven’t tried out floating, I really recommend you give it a shot. You might think you don’t have the time or the funds to make that happen but trust me, it is worth it. It is an investment in your joy, happiness and sanity. 5 STARS!

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