Have you ever wanted to feel like you were flying,  or feel like George Clooney in Gravity and float in space with zero gravity?

What about letting all stress, and worries go away and letting your mind be free?

The best part is, what if you can go home that night and have the BEST sleep in years.

All of these are possible at a place I discovered called True Rest relaxation in Tempe.

It’s completely different than any relaxing spa, including a massage! No strings, no magic positions here. It’s total relaxation, by floating. Yes, I said floating.

True Rest is the true deal in relaxation!

I discovered this place on line, while visiting my parents in Phoenix.  

The customer service was awesome!  The guy gave me great guided tour, thoroughly explaining everything about the place, and then had me watch a very entertaining introductory video on what I can expect during my True Rest experience.

I was soon taken to my “launch pad quarters” where I saw my pod for the first time.

After giving me a couple more pointers, the gentleman left me in the room.

I prepared for my “journey” of relaxation, with a shower ( that’s in my quarters) and then I gave the pod a final look over… I think it was more of a stare. Possibly questioning myself if I made the right decision by doing this.

Fully naked, I stepped into the white egg shaped like pod. It had 10 inches of water, warmed to my body temperature, and contained some 2000 pounds of salt. As I started to get myself comfortable for this “journey”,  I was already realizing that I was floating in the water. Within seconds, relaxing music started and I reached for the pod lid and shut it.

Inside this pod, multi colored lights changed the colors of the pod walls, which I guess relaxes your brain, the music was getting softer.

I decide to turn off the lights.

Soon the music ended and it was totally silent.

Now in pitch dark, total silence, I realized I AM really floating, flying, having a zero gravity experience.

What a journey I was on.

Time seems to stand still while you are in this capsule.

I am not sure if I reached total relaxation, but I definitely experienced a “trip like state”.

Your mind can play tricks on you and during my hour journey, I experienced some of the following; lights still on, even though it was pitch dark. The entire solar system in space, and when I reached out to touch a star, I hit the top of the pod, but I could still see the stars beyond my hand.  I felt lots of movement, like I was flying, but I never moved.

I really did feel like Mr Clooney in outer space.

As for relaxing … I know I never went to sleep, but after I exited the pod I felt like I had a 3 hour massage.   

I was on a high, a euphoric state…

Totally relaxed and chilled.

I went home and got into bed around 930.

I woke up the next day at 8.

That night I had the best sleep I have had in years with vivid, strong, memorable dreams.  

As I write this, some 20 hours later, I feel years younger, full of energy and calmness.

Float therapy, at True Rest, was new to me, but now is the “holy grail” in total and ultimate relaxation.

— Murad K, True Rest on Yelp