After reading a deluge of peer-reviewed research articles about the effects of sensory deprivation therapy (a.k.a. float therapy) I finally took the plunge and tried it out.

Araaragot Float Center surpassed my expectations. Despite being humble and cozy, the staff were incredibly responsive and anticipated my needs from the start and eased me into my first float. The sensation is hard to describe but your body feels likes its being gently stretched while suspended in air–a great relief for my usually sore lower back


I can’t recommend this therapy enough, especially if you suffer from any range of mental health issues and / or physical body issues.

UPDATE 02/04/18:

Without any embellishment I can say I got the best sleep last night, than I’ve had in 6 months, after my float session yesterday. It really works in making your nervous system take a breather! The most shocking part is that I didn’t need my sleeping meds.

Ariel S review of Araaragot Float Center