(TL:DR — BOOK NOW, this place is beyond awesome!!) I wish I could give more than five stars (1000!)! What a pleasant experience! Friendly, knowledgable staff; squeaky-clean, calming facility; lovely amenities — and the most amazing relaxation experience I’ve ever had! Oh my goodness! Am I ever glad I tried floating!

I booked with Joey over the phone. They sent an instruction e-mail with a follow-up reminder. Everything was perfectly ready for me when I arrived, right down to clean houseshoes to change into (LOVED this touch — made me feel right at home from the start!) Lights were soft, lovely unobtrusive backgroundmusic playing, atomizer with eucalyptus essential oil, very light  (perfect for the cold, slightly drippy evening).

The tour of the facilities was thorough and oriented me well to the space. Everything had been done to increase the user’s comfort and feeling of safety within the space. Each floater has a private, very quiet prep room (with a locking door), and a clear shower pod and the float chamber is inside the room, separated by a shower-type push door (all spotlessly clean!).

First, I consulted the instructions on the wall to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. Then, undress and hang up clothes (the prep room is perfectly warm), mold the provided silicon earplugs to my ears (yours to keep or dispose of after use), if one has small abrasions or cut that might sting from the salt, there is an individual packet of ointment you could apply to protect it — also makeup remover, in case you are wearing any.

Position provided towels and any additional shower aids you will want for after the float. Turn off the overhead light — plenty of light comes from the chamber — and cross the room to slip into the shower for a scrubdown before the float. The provided shampoo and Dr. Bronner’s lavender soap smelled heavenly and added another layer of relaxation. (If you like to condition your hair after the float, you will want to bring your own, but don’t use before float).

Finally, the big adventure begins! The layout of the prep room is perfect — just one quick step to enter the float chamber from the shower. The float chamber is blissfully warm, and the air is moist without being oppressively humid. The water and air are both exactly the temperature of your skin, so there is no feeling of getting cold if you lift a body part out of the water (like you would feel in a hot tub or swimming pool). There is a facetowel to dry off any drips and a little squirt bottle of fresh water in case you need to spray salt out of your eyes (I did not need this — but it was very comforting to know it was there, in case!), as well as a little float pillow for your head in case you need to have your head further out of the water to be comfortable (I did not use — I was very comfortable without it). Two very large, easy to use buttons control the light and music (on/off).

The first few minutes were spent adjusting to my surroundings and finding just the right position — i imagine this will go more quickly on future visits — but once I found the sweet spot, the relaxation was deep and intense! I could feel muscles and joints unkinking as I relaxed and let go. The more you trust the bouyancy of the saltwater, the deeper your relaxation becomes. The darkness is so complete, it does not matter whether your eyes are open or not, which is wonderfully relaxing for the eyes.

In the day leading up to my appointment, I was worried I might feel closed in or worried, but the chamber is truly large, with the ceiling high enough to avoid feeling closed in at all. I am 5’8″, and the floating space seemed quite large — once I got the hang of floating, I never touched the sides again after the first 5 or so minutes of shifting around. Eventually, I lost track of time, and not feeling the walls made the space seem to expand dramatically — like I could have been floating in a gigantic lake. I had times of both drowsiness and hyper-alertness, where I seemed aware of every single muscle and breath, but there was overall such a feeling of peacefulness that all of it was entirely enjoyable.

When your time is up, the chamber light slowly comes on — a very peaceful way to let you know it’s time to go. I actually laughed when the light came on, because the space had expanded so much in my mind! Plenty of grab bars aid the slow standing (I still felt a little floaty), and stepping out of the chamber right into the adjacent shower to rinse off the salt. If you like to condition your hair, you will want to have that pre-positioned, as I said earlier, because you may be too relaxed (and wet) to bother digging through your bag. After you pull out your earplugs, they even have provided cotton ball and vinegar water to clean your ears. Hot tea or water, a chocolate nibble, and a float journal to write in await you in the post-float lounge.

Slept like a log since, have excellent focus, feel so spry — I can’t wait to go back!

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