First FloatMeditationRelaxation

Ethereal experience

Why wasn't I aware of this amazing place?!?!? Ethereal experience today... Floating in a pod filled with 1000 pounds of perfectly balanced saline in total darkness at 98.6 degrees for four hours... After tussling with my own mind for what…
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AnxietyChronic Pain

My calm-down place

My doctor was the one that recommended Float Therapy as a way to combat stress and work-caused fatigue (as well as anxiety, etc). I was nervous before my first float, cause I didn't know what to expect, but the results…
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First Float Experience

My first float experience was… different. Not bad. Just different. Let me back it up by saying within the last year, I made the choice to no longer use pharmaceuticals (including ibuprofen unless I’m knocking on death’s door) or products…
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Great for my pregnant body

Floating in the tank was great for my pregnant body, especially in the third trimester. Swimming was often recommended to take off weight during pregnancy, but I was not quite ready to merge into a cold swimming pool.  So, this…
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